LanWest has wide experience in the development of software applications. Projects have included the writing of accounting, stock control, purchasing, job costing and invoicing programs to meet the specific requirements of the client. These solutions have ranged from small single user utilities to multi user database networked systems. LanWest has developed software which is able to interface with industry standard software packages, e.g. Triumph and Attache. This kind of approach is often the most efficient method of providing a client with a tailored solution. A special module is developed specifically for the client, while the re-writing of basic functions already present in the standard package is avoided.

LanWest’s software team can develop systems for both the DOS and Windows environments using languages such as C, Clipper, Delphi and Perl. We have clients in both the public and private sectors, and across a wide range of industries. LanWest has also developed packaged solutions which have been designed in association with organizations operating in specific industries. These include manufacturing, health and customs.