The Marksbook software is free but comes with a conditional management licence in which you are required to have a minimum number of support hours annually. That time can be used for training, meetings or software customisation such as reports or module changes to suit a specific school requirement.

You are only buying our time which ensures that the software is properly set up and that the key people are trained on an annual basis.
Calculation No. Teachers(0) x No. Modules(0) x 0.05 = No. Hours(10)
No. Hours (10) x 110 = Price ($0)
Number of Teachers:
Notepad and Correspondance Module
Outcome Based Marksbook Module
Percentage Marksbook Module
E-Mail Correspondence
Structured Work Based Learning (SWL)
Student Work Tracking Module
Teacher Module
Common Assessment Framework
Front Office Data Transfer
Employer Electronic Data Transfer
Literacy & Numeracy NET
Curriculum Module
Document Management Module
Intelligencies Module
Primary School Module
Price: $0
Number of Hours: 10 *Please note that 10 hours is the minimum*
Please Note: Pricing assumes software is for the whole school. Pricing different for a single deptartment. If you believe your school has extenuating circumstances, please e-mail us with a description for a custom quote -
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