Marksbook Remote
Send school data
file to remote.
    Import new school
data file into remote.
Import remote
data file to
school system.
    Send remote data
file to Marksbook.

Marksbook Remote is easily installed from a CD.

Marksbook Remote can be installed on the same computer as Marksbook. This is useful if a laptop is your main computer. You will then be able to use Marksbook when plugged in to the network at school and Marksbook Remote when you are not at school.

Teachers log into the main Marksbook program to export their data. A Teacher can only export their class data.

It is important that when you log in to Marksbook Remote, that your Teacher Code matches your Teacher Code from Marksbook. This field is case sensitive. Without the correct information, Marksbook Remote will NOT import your data from the main system.

Importing into Marksbook Remote over-writes data already there, replacing it with the current data.

Once you log in to Marksbook after having exported from it you will be prompted to import your data. Importing data into Marksbook will overwrite the related records, not the entire database as it does with Marksbook Remote.