Marksbook Modules

The LanWest Marksbook Academic Reporting System has been specifically designed to manage all the assessment types used in Australian schools today. It is a multi-User system that was developed in conjunction with the Curriculum Council learning program, Heads of Department, teachers and students to provide a structured and simple manner in which to deal with the complex task of recording and summarizing the varying assessment types used in schools today.


•  An Assessment Entry Module that enables users to easily define and record assessments per task per semester for Progress Maps, CAF, SWL, Percentage, Curriculum Framework (Primary), Literacy and Numeracy NETs, Intelligences and other linked types. Note: All assessment types come with a Quick Entry Module to enable teachers to enter results via a class list structure.

•  Progress Map Classification Module that offers teachers direct access to expected Performance Outcomes per Learning Area per Outcome per Aspect. This is available by a graphical reference throughout the system. The system also offers summarised calculations of student levels as recorded per task. Weightings are determined per task and per outcome. The system offers an override facility should the teacher decide to disagree with the computer calculated score. Included in the Progress Map Assessment Management Module is a Status Report where the Curriculum Managers can observe student progress across a given year group for a given Learning Area.

•  A Rubric Design Module that enables users to create their own assessment structure for attachment to their task assessment. Rubrics are used to attach more meaningful assessment information to a given assessment type.

•  An Academic Report Module that enables a school to design or customise reports to suit the needs of their school. The report module centralizes selected Final Data along with the Report Comments to produce an Academic Report. Form teacher comments and absences are entered at this point including the facility to import Headmaster Comments from an MS Excel spreadsheet generated by the system. LanWest provides a further service to customise report layouts including the ability to design front and back cover forms incorporating specific requirements such as logo placement and pastoral care details.

•  A Document Management and Classification Module to allow teachers to record and share worksheets and teaching material such as a MS Word document. These documents can be attached to any task assessment linked by Learning Area and Outcome Classification. A classified document also generates an assessment data entry sheet to enable a smooth transition of results from the task into the assessment records module.

•  A separate Remote Entry Module that allows full data entry functionality away from the main server. Comes with an easy to use Download/Upload utility module.

•  An Import/Export Module that not only downloads student data from the front office administration system, but also enables exporting of key data out to external systems.

•  A Structured Workplace Management System that enables the workplace co-ordinator to track and assess student placement to the hour. Included is an employer database that can be managed by a central cluster group via internet link thus allowing members of the cluster to share common information and placement details.

•  A Student Details Module that displays guardian information, course timetable, mail merge facility with MS Word, student sample work, TAFE course history and class list reports and MS Excel exports.

•  A Pastoral Care Module which includes correspondence and student/guardian contact history. This also includes a Certification module that allows a teacher to record Leadership and Activity Certificates that can be easily printed and recorded for a given or group of students. This system also allows for a House Point Recording Module that awards points for all certificate types.

•  A Class List Management Module that allows an Administrator to edit or create new lists. Although this data is imported from the Front Office System, immediate updates can be implemented via this module. Other maintenance modules include Subjects, Teachers, Learning Areas and Departments.

•  A Curriculum Design Module that allows users to create a program of work that defines Activity Details, Resource Material, Teaching Strategies, Assessment Strategies, Progress Map Classification and the Production of the Program Outline as a Report.

•  A Messaging System that allows teachers to inform other teachers of pressing problems with a student. Users are informed on login to the system to read their messages.

•  A User Management System that enables the administrator to award different levels of access to users of the system. These levels include HOD, HOY, Curriculum and Headmaster. The administrator can control and observe all users of the system with the ability to message and time termination of highlighted links. The system also includes an Automated Version Update System which allows the administrator to download an update via the software update module. Client versions are automatically updated when they log in thus removing the need to run around and update each user via CD.

•  A MyMart Data Integration Module that duplicates the academic database entries from both systems thus providing an online database to web users. This has the effect of centralizing a cluster of schools into a common database and enabling a moderation process to the school group. Phase 1 of MyMart allows a teacher to enter Progress Map results via the Internet. Phase 2 (Feb 2005) will allow a user to design and create Progress Map Assessment tasks for data entry via the Internet.


•  Ability to report on student assessment, both historical and summarized assessment.

•  Uses Windows Dynamic Data Exchange to allow student information to be mailmerged into linked Microsoft Word documents.

•  Incorporates all documents found in the Progress Map Toolkit and will allow users to define their own assessment items that can be linked to the database.

•  Includes comprehensive student import module that link indirectly to existing school databases e.g. MAZE

•  Features include: context-sensitive online help, popup calendars, popup search screens and charts/graphs on statistical information.

•  Ability to generate sub-lists from the master list and report on each group.

•  A comprehensive reporting module that is annually updated to reflect new directions in department policy.

•  Annual support, which includes : telephone support, new Word documents, assessment types and program enhancements.

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