Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that most problems that might occur in the program can be fixed by recreating the master lists (through 'Lists' on the toolbar) or by running the Re-Index module (through Utilities -> Database Re-Index on the Menu Bar).





Q. Some of my students or employers are not appearing in my lists.
A. Try recreating the master lists. This is done by clicking on the "Lists" button on the tool bar at the top of Marksbook and then clicking on the 'Employer' or 'Student' tab and clicking the "Recreate Master" button at the bottom of your page.

Q. I'm getting a message saying my indexes are out of date.
A. Re-Index your databases by selecting the utilities menu from the menu bar at the top of Marksbook and clicking on 'Database Re-Index'.

Q. I keep getting errors when entering dates.
A. Make sure that the dates settings are set to Australian standards (dd/mm/yyyy). To change or check your date settings change the regional settings/options in your control panel (located through your Start button on the bottom left of your screen).

Q. A Key violation error keeps appearing when I try to enter students or employers.
A. This is caused when two employers or students have the same identifying key. Check to make sure that the student or employer you are entering is not already in the database. Also if entering a student check to make sure the student key you are entering doesn't already exist.

Q. When I create a new list I can't see any subjects, timetabling periods or departments.
A. These need to be created. To create subjects and departments go to the menu bar, select Main -> Subjects -> Subject\Department Details. To create time-tabling periods go to the menu bar, select the Setup -> Define Timetabling Periods.

Q. My students or Employers are not appearing alphabetically in the lists on the left hand side of the screen
A. You need to recreate your master list. If that doesn’t work then try running a reindex first then recreate your master lists. If this doesn’t fix your problem then it might be because your student keys are numbers and not letters. The lists are sorted by student key so if you do have numbers for student keys then it cannot be helped

Q. My system has become unregistered.
A. Please phone us on 61 8 9440 3033 for a new registration or evaluation number for your software.

Q. I get an Error message saying “Unable to update list information. Database not in edit or insert mode.”
A. You will need to upgrade to v5.1.6 if you don’t have it and the reindex file that goes with it and then do a reindex. If you have version 5.1.6 they will already have the latest reindex file and you will just need to reindex.

Q. I get an Error message saying “Cannot open database. Net dir controlled by other .net file”
A. With this error message you will see a path as well. You need to go to the path that was specified by the error message and delete the file that it was talking about. The file will be called something like “Pdoxusers.lck”. These files are found either in the database or lists folder.

Q. I get an Error message saying “VAL File out of date.”
A. You need to find the VAL file and delete it. The VAL file that usually causes the problem is LArea.Val. You will need to delete any .VAL files that you can find. They are usually located within the database folder.

Q. I get an Error message saying “Cannot open Database (Cannot Access Directory. Access Denied.)”
A. You don’t have enough access to use the program. You need to contact your system administrator and tell them that you need full read write access to the database, letters and lists folders that the program uses.

Q. The data I enter is disappearing when I exit the program and come back in.
A. There is a setting on your BDE called Local Share that needs to be set to true. To do this:

1. Please ensure you have access to the Control Panel.
2. Left click on the start button at the lower left hand side of your computer screen.
3. Left click on ‘Control Panel’
4. Double Click on BDE Administrator
5. Near the top left of the screen that opens, select the ‘Configuration’ tab.
6. Left Click on the ‘+’ (plus) to the left of the word ‘Configuration’ in the Configuration tab, to expand a list.
7. Left Click on the ‘+’ (plus) to the left of ‘System’ to expand its menu.
8. Left Click on the word ‘INIT’.
9. The 5th word in the list on the right hand side of the page under the Definition tab should be ‘LOCAL SHARE’. If the word to the right of ‘LOCAL SHARE’ is TRUE, your setting is fine. If the word is FALSE, then Double-click on the word FALSE and it will invert itself to TRUE.
10. Close the BDE Administrator by clicking on the little ‘x’ (cross) at the top right hand side of the screen.
11. When you’re asked to save all edits, click ‘YES’.
12. Click ‘OK’ to the next message.

Q. How do I change the format of the dates in my letters?
A. This can be pretty complicated so if you are not confident in using computers it is advised that you be careful attempting these changes. To change the format of the dates in your letters you can do the following things

Q. How do I change the formats of my Date's so when they come into the program they don't look like this: 24/12/03?
A. Click HERE to go to the Lessons page where you can find a document on how to make the changes.